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Solar PV Calculator

Enter the system size, electricity export and your region to estimate your annual savings and earnings. Domestic systems are typically between 1 kWp and 4 kWp in size which requires a roof area of 8 to 32 square metres. Feed-in Tariff payments assume that you will export 50% of your generated electricity so if you use it all, you make more money.

Solar PV System Details

Estimated Costs and Savings

Please amend the details on the leftabove to generate your estimated costs and savings.
Estimated System Cost (£)
Annual Estimates..
Electricity Generated (kWh)
Generation Tariff Income (£)
Export Tariff Income (£)
Electricity Bill Savings (£)
Total Income & Savings (£)
20yr Income & Savings (£)
Payback Time (yrs)
Return On Investment (%)
Panel Space Required (sq. metres)
Important Note:
These figures are estimates based on assumptions. Surveyors will provide exact costs and more accurate income and saving projections.


Calculator Assumptions

Our Solar PV calculator assumes that the roof faces South; the pitch of the roof is 30 degrees; there is no shading by buildings, trees, etc. and the average cost of electricity is 14.4p per kWh.

Note that other roof directions, pitches and panels that are partially shaded can still produce an excellent return on investment. Our Installer's surveyors will be able to give you more accurate figures based on the actual circumstances.

Solar PV Brands